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Any person who owns a BMW knows that he or she has one of the best car models on the highway. The BMW is not only a marvel under the hood, but also a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It is not what you might call an economy car. The 2014 5 Series BMW’s price ranges from £30,000 to £42,500, and earlier models cost well over £18000 to own.

The high expense is a reason why BMW owners are willing to spend a bit more to make sure that the car is well taken care of at Big Motoring World Canterbury, Big Motoring World Snodland or Big Motoring World Prestige. Below are some things Big Motoring World specialists recommend you do to make sure that the life of your car extends for years.

1. Winter maintenance

It is not needful for winter maintenance to be high tech. If you’ve ever been in a snow storm, you know how frustrating it is to be stuck in the snow. In the winter season, it is wise to have de-icing fluid, and ice-scraper to get ice off the windscreen and a bag of kitty litter for tyre traction. You can keep all this in the boot in case of an emergency.

Ensure that you check the tires to ascertain that pressure level is right and if the treads are good. Make a trip to Big Motoring World to have your BMW tires rotated and the fluids checked—especially the windshield washer fluid.

2. Spring and summer

Whether you live in Canterbury, Prestige, or Snodland, snowy weather is bound to make its exit. Spring and summer seasons are accompanied with more frequent use of BMWs.

The oil and oil filter under the hood should be checked. And since the weather is warmer, the cooling system is important and requires care. This can be as simple as having a look at the drive belts for cracks and also checking the hoses for leaks.

Even though it sounds a bit odd, you should also check the antifreeze. This prevents the antifreeze from boiling over in the summer, which may present a huge problem if you have to deal with traffic congestion.

It is important to check the tires for pressure, which reduces the wear of the tires and affects the gas mileage.

3. The interior and body

Whatever the time of year, the body of your BMW as well as the interior requires attention, according to BMW Big Motoring World specialists. A BMW is a high quality car and is meant to look like it. It is, therefore, important to ensure that there is no rust on the body and the car interior always looks clean. Use a garden hose at maximum pressure to spray out any road salt that has accumulated. Clean salt and dirt deposits from the tires.

Washing your BMW during the spring gives you a chance to evaluate it for any damages that may have been suffered during the winter season. This includes scrapes on the paintwork or minute stone cracks on the windscreen.