8Have you always dreamt of driving a BMW 7-Series? Or maybe the BMW X5 tickles your fancy even more? It is time to take your eyes off that glamorous motor magazine and visit Big Motoring World. While you might not afford that new car, a pre-owned BMW from these car experts will serve you just as well.

Sprucing up Your Style with a Used BMW

Truth be told, it is virtually impossible to survive in the UK or anywhere else without a good car. Today your car says more about who you are than whatcomes from your mouth. Thisis the reason you need to invest in a used BMW. This is a car that oozes class from a mile away as you will find when you visit Big Motoring World Canterbury.

Test Driving Like a Pro

You might not be Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gearbut who said you cannot test-drive a car to settle on the best option? A car is a very expensive purchase and if you want value for money then you have to make sure nothing escapes your eye.

Here are some things you need to do:

  • Check about insurance coverage: The rule of thumb is to never hit the road without insurance coverage. The car specialists at Big Motoring World Prestigewill advise you on whether there is a dealership coverage policy. To sum it up, make sure the BMW you are testing is covered.
  • Get a feel of the car: When you are buying a mattress, you always check for comfort. Now remember you will be spending more hours in the driver’s seat than on that mattress. Make sure everything fits your needs in terms of comfort, elegance,car use and space.
  • Listen to the engine: You should cold start the car to make sure the engine fires right away and there are no loud noises. The automatic transmission must also engage promptly and if it does not, there is a problem.
  • Play with gears: If it is a manual used BMW, try to accelerate gradually on the Big Motoring World Snodlandsite and then decelerate to note any problems with the shifting. You should be keen on gear noises for a manual transmission car as thishints to wear. For automatic transmission, be keen on harsh shifting, delays and slipping.
  • Braking problems: Steering wheel vibration or pull when braking is a pointer to a larger problem in the car. Warpedand worn brake rotors or a problem with the braking system can be expensive to repair as Big Motoring Worldexperts will tell you.
  • Stability: Wheel alignment and suspension problems make the car feel unstable. This is common in used cars and you must be very keen as they are easy to overlook.

You should also avoid the pitfall of test-driving on just the smooth roads because many problems appear once the car hits a rough patch. If you have the car experts from Big Motoring, you can expect an independent opinion.

Whatever you do, make sure you buy your car from a reliable dealership. This guarantees you are buying a well-selected BMW. Now you can hit the road in style.