The BMW 320d Touring is a popular estate car which sports a beautiful design and seemingly endless practicality with admirable economy and unparalleled performance.

The 320d Touring is the more compact version of the 5 Series estate, the 520d Touring, but you do not need to compromise on utility or versatility. You would not be surprised to see students being packed off to university in this car, or new parents cramming nursery furniture into the back. Despite the fact that they can fit everything in, including the kitchen sink, you will also find these cars negotiating the most narrow of city streets. Practical yet nimble, a remarkable balance.
BMW 320d Touring 2013Engine wise, you are spoilt for choice. Perhaps one of the most popular models will be the 2-litre turbo diesel which boasts 184hp, a top speed of 143mph, 0-62mph in just 7.7 seconds. In terms of fuel consumption, this 320d Touring is right up there with the most economical vehicles of this type on the market – 60.1 mpg and just 124g/km CO2 emissions.

BMW 320d Touring infotainmentInside the 320d Touring you will find a designer’s paradise. Clean lines combined with luxury leathers and shiny chrome decorating modern gadgets. A family wagon that a boy-racer would not be afraid to be seen in – that’s saying something. The technology in this car is really impressive. Remember all those times when you’ve come back from shopping with arms full of bags and had no way of opening the boot without putting it all down, getting it soaked in the rain or spilling it out everywhere for the world to see? Those times are no more – simply wave your foot under the valance and the boot opens for you.

Martin Love (The Observer) said this about its value: “For my money, the Touring is the most complete car on the road. It’s a family car that handles like a sports car; an estate that drives like a saloon; it has a beautiful performance engine that is also incredibly economical. It proves that mutually exclusive concepts can sometimes coexist.” A rave review if there ever was one.