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Opting to purchase a late-model, low-mileage used BMW instead of a new one, makes good financial sense. Eschewing considerable depreciation costs and getting a pre-owned BMW at Big Motoring World—a car that is comparable to a brand new one—at a better price, is simply a no-brainer.

Whether you are financing it via a well-established source or buying it outright, there is no better time than now to purchase a well-researched used or pre-owned BMW at Big Motoring World Canterbury, Big Motoring World Snodland, or Big Motoring World Prestige.

Here is why:

Low Interest Financing

If you are planning to obtain financing for a used BMW, you will be happy to know that interest rates of vehicle financing are not as pricey as they formerly were. You can therefore, save thousands of Euros every year.


The market for used BMW is continually growing. It, therefore, stands to reason that prices at dealers authorized dealers such as Big Motoring World would be favorable for prospective buyers. Even though the prices of used cars have always been considerably lower than the prices of new cars, today’s pre-owned BMWs market offers buyers used cars with likelihood of purchasing almost new, low-mileage, high-quality cars at about half the price of their respective new car counterparts.

This is arguably the best reason for buying a used BMW right now. If you are patient in your search of a good-quality used BMW, you can expect tens of thousands of Euros in savings. The advent of used BMW websites has provided buyers with access to numerous used BMWs. It has also made it possible to conduct price comparison research using the available tools.


The recent growth spate in the automotive market for new cars has led to the greater availability in the pre-owned BMW market. The probability of you being able to identify the precise model of pre-owned BMW at Big Motoring World right now is higher than it has previously been.

Certified Pre-Owned vs. Regular Used BMWs

When you decide to buy a used BMW, you have two options – you can either buy a regular used BMW or certified pre-owned BMW. With a certified pre-owned BMW, the risk involved in buying the used car is considerably lesser than when you buy the regular one. The general thought among buyers is that, with a CPO car, they will get more value for money.

In order for a BMW to be tagged as certified pre-owned, it has to meet a gamut of requirements including mileage and age. In addition to that, it will undergo several tests at Big Motoring World before being put up for sale. Only after it passes the inspection does it get an extended warranty, as well as a higher price. A majority of buyers will opt to pay a higher price for a certified pre-owned BMW because of the peace of mind it affords them.

It is imperative that you carry out proper research so that you end up with the exact car that you have always dreamed of.