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So you are thinking of getting another car, great! Several things that you have to decide include the amount of money you want to spend, the model, and the year.  The most important choice is where to get the car you want, at the price you want and in top shape.

You will most probably look to a used car dealer because of the obvious cost factor. Even here, there are two ways you could go – a franchise dealer, or an independent dealer. This decision is not as difficult as it looks. Dealing with independent used car dealers affords you several advantages, some of which include:

  1. The prices are very pocket-friendly

Independent used car dealers have very affordable vehicles that can fit any budget range. The Big Motoring World Group Limited, for example, has wonderful offers on its used cars that cater for any kind of budget. Its Big Motoring World Prestige site carries more up-market used vehicles at very competitive prices for that demographic while the Canterbury site specializes in quality affordable family cars. They certainly have something for everyone.

  1. They offer in-house financing

Independent used car dealers often offer in-house financing options to their customers for any car purchased. This means that they can finance your purchase. This is great for you if you happen to have a bad credit score that you are trying to fix and need a car urgently. In fact, this financing will boost your credit score so you kill two birds with one stone. The Big Motoring World Canterbury site, along with the other Group sites, offers in-house financing and you can take advantage of that to get yourself a great new car.

  1. Ministry Of Transport Certification (MOT)

Since most used cars are past 3 years of age, an annual MOT test is required by the law. As a result, most independent dealers are experts in MOT testing since they have to ensure that their vehicles are up to the required safety standards in order to sell them. In Kent, the Big Motoring World Snodland service centre offers standardized MOT testing for all its vehicles and other customer vehicles. This means that an assurance of buying a car that is ready for the road.

  1. Car Servicing

While claims against independent dealers are that they do not have service departments, this is far from the truth for Big Motoring World Group Limited. Its Snodland site has a large car servicing facility with ultramodern car diagnostic tools. Its technicians have a minimum of 5 years’ experience each with industry accredited training that ensures regular assessment and updating of their skills and techniques. They have a keen knowledge of their cars and are able to advise you accordingly for servicing and repair work.

  1. They have a larger variety of cars

Independent car dealers have a larger variety of cars in stock. For instance, the Big Motoring World Group has over 1200 BMWs in stock at any one time, not to mention thousands of other makes available in their various dealerships. The cars ages ranges from one year to 10 years and they are all at their best performance courtesy of their servicing departments. So if you were looking for a specific older model because of certain features or just a bit of nostalgia, you are sure to get one in great condition here, along with great new models if you want to keep up with the latest trends in cars