8Anyone looking for a pre-owned BMW has a certain checklist in mind (or in hand) about the car he/she wants and also about the dealership he/she wants to get it from. The car’s checklist on average goes something like this: great exterior, great interior, well-maintained engine, good tires, handles well. A dealership’s checklist includes: great customer reviews, great customer service, no nagging salesmen, great advice on car models and years and affordable prices, among others.

The sad thing about setting these standards is after a while you think they are unreasonable so you compromise on something or other just to get a car and be done with it. Not so at the Big Motoring World Group Limited. As the largest independent used car dealer in all of the United Kingdom, this dealership has such a large variety of cars that you will not have to look anywhere else.

The Group also happens to be one of the largest dealers in used BMWs. Let me put this in perspective for you, of their thousands of used cars, they have over 1250 BMWs spread across their lots ready for sale at any one time. So you can see why you will not have to look anywhere else. I mean, with all these BMWs, you are bound to find the one your heart desires and your pocket can afford.

About those lots, the Big Motoring World Group boasts of four successful dealerships around the Kent area. These are:

  • Big Motoring World Addington service centre
  • Big Motoring World Canterburyservice centre
  • Big Motoring World Prestigeservice centre
  • Big Motoring World Snodlandservice centre

From a single lot, the Group has grown to have four fully services lots over the last 20 years. Quite impressive, right? In fact, with all these years of experience in dealing with pre-owned BMWs, you are sure to get great advice on what BMW model from which year will best suit your needs and your budget. Everyone on the team, from customer service to the salesmen and the technicians are something of BMW connoisseurs so you can trust them.

Plus, you will never be pushed into a purchase here. No nagging salesperson breathing down your neck. You are given free range to walk around and make your best choice. And the prices are just wonderful: you are sure to get value for your money with one of this dealer’s BMWS. They even have an in-house financing plan so you can negotiate flexible financing for your car as you purchase it.

Alright, so now that the dealership is good, the question is: are its cars as good? They are even better. The Group, like any other used car dealership receives cars from various companies and individuals which they put up for sale. The difference with the Group is it has an ultramodern facility that inspects these vehicles to ensure that they are at their best. It also has an experienced team of industry-accredited technicians that works round the clock to ensure that the cars on the lot are at their peak in terms of performance and power.

With all these facts, you can rest easy and walk to your nearest Big Motoring World dealership and purchase your very own pre-owned BMW.