Endurance racing teams will have access to the almighty BMW 235i Racing in 2014, so expect BMW to challenge on all fronts in the Nurburgring 24 Hours and the VLN Endurance Championship.

Germany’s premier saloon car races already have a heavy BMW influence at the sharp end, and the new M4 will undoubtedly carry the torch. But now the smaller 235i is available to privateers, for a price of €59,500 plus taxes.

The car will boast 333bhp, a slight increase on the road car thanks to a sports exhaust that isn’t legal on the high street. It also comes with ABS, DSC and traction control, which will help its drivers keep the car on the notoriously difficult Nordschleife.


A rollcage, a specially protected fuel tank and a stripped out interior are the most obvious modifications over the road car. But look closer and you’ll see a lightweight bonnet, revised aerodynamics and centre lock racing wheels.

The M235i, the two-door coupé version of the BMW 1 Series, has won critical acclaim since its recent launch. Now BMW aims to win trophies, too, by placing this potent weapon in the hands of the privateers.