BMW owners have been asking themselves this question for years: “what kind of shop should I use for BMW repairs, an independent retailer or a dealership?” Big Motoring World specialists don’t shy away from answering this question. Both independent retailer and BMW dealers have their benefits. BMW owners from the UK as well as abroad have posed the question relentlessly.

Let’s take a look at independent BMW used car retailers, such as the Big Motoring World Group that includes Big Motoring World Canterbury, Big Motoring World Snodland and Big Motoring World Prestige.

In the past, a vast majority of dealerships viewed the customer as a prospective car sale and there was little focus on customer service. As a result, the customers were driven from the dealership to the independent facility, where one can enjoy a cup of hot coffee along with a sincere conversation about their family as well as their car; in other words, customer service.

In addition to providing a personal relationship, independent retailers offer versatility of services on various models of BMWs. Nowadays, top-quality independent repair facilities such as Big Motoring World also provide nationwide warranties through parts suppliers and the associations they collaborate with. When compared to dealerships, the “scales are balanced” in this respect. However, as far as the hourly rate for work, independent repair facilities have consistently offered better prices.

What about the cost of repair? Independent repair facilities charge a flat rate for their services. They use the same “book” as BMW dealerships to determine how long a job should take, and charge you accordingly. The difference is that the technician in independent repair facilities is typically paid an hourly rate – based on his actual performance – or a salary. So there is no incentive to hurry through the job or compete with other technicians for the easier jobs.

Additionally, seasoned technicians who have worked in independent facilities are vastly experienced and knowledgeable from years of working on a variety of BMW models. They are an excellent resource for challenging BMW repairs.

Due to the rapid changes in the German manufacturer’s technology, it is essential that the independent repair facility you choose is qualified to undertake servicing and repairs on your car. They must be up to speed on the latest technology, training, methods, and equipment. The trend for the past few years has been for the independent repair facilities – the ones that are serious and are in it for the long term – to upgrade their facilities and equipment. They also train their technicians, because BMW technology is escalating at rocket speed!

It is important that you research well before making your final decision on which independent repair facility to go for. Compare two or three service providers after going through their sites and asking other BMW owners for referrals. You are better off paying a little more for services from a reputable independent repair facility than getting cheap but questionable servicing and repairs elsewhere. The peace of mind is worth the investment you make to care for your BMW.