BMW to launch new Mini F55 Hatch

Expected to make its debut in the autumn of 2014, the new Mini F55 hatch is
looking likely to still feature a number of Mini’s signature attributes, but
now with the ability to better compete with the four door market.

Based on the F56 hatch, this new Mini is being designed for those who love the
Mini style, but want more flexibility from their small car. The front doors
will be shortened compared with the F56, and two smaller doors added at the
back – and reports are that rear legroom will increase by around 5cm, giving
added comfort for rear passengers. It is also likely that rear seating will be
in the form of a three seat bench.

This extra 5cm of rear passenger space will push the boot out slightly compared
with existing models, while the front of the new F55 Hatch is expected to look
pretty much identical to the new F56.

On the outside, in addition to a slightly longer wheelbase, expect the roof to
be more similar to that of the Clubman with its “dune-line” profile,
but with a little more subtlety, to distinguish between the three door and the
five door models.

Overall, expect the practical nature of the Mini
Countryman, combined with the profile and the traditional Mini style of the
F56. The new F55 Hatch isn’t being designed to replace the original Minis that
we know and love, just to add more practicality to increase its audience.