The BMW Active Tourer Concept has been doing the rounds since its launch in concept form at the Paris Motor Show more than a year ago, but now it is all-but confirmed that BMW is putting it into production in 2015.

The final spec has yet to be revealed, but the BMW Active Tourer will be smaller than the X1 and could well be based on the same platform the MINI sits on. Expect to see the first version as a front-drive machine, but an all-wheel-drive or even rear-drive variant could be in the pipeline.

Active Tourer

There will be a longer version, which will feature a third row of seats. This will go into competition with the Audi A1 and Mercedes A-Class, with the new Mercedes GLA forming the most obvious rival to the Active Tourer. A sedan version is almost certainly on the cards, too, and don’t count against the twisted minds of the M Sport division getting hold of the car to create a hotter version.

The Active Tourer is aimed predominantly at the North American and Chinese markets. In Europe, BMW must convince the purists that a switch to front-wheel drive is not an about face and in fact sits well with BMW’s principles of pure driving pleasure.

Active Tourer interior