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Buying a pre-owned BMW is a huge decision. If you want to buy the perfect set off Beamer wheels, you have got to get a few questions answered. Nothing beats visiting your local BMW specialist such as Big Motoring World Snodland. Nonetheless, the following are some pertinent things you need to keep in mind.


Before you even set foot in a BMW dealership, conduct as much research as you can so that you make a decision you will never regret. Put together maintenance and gas consumption data on the BMW model you desire, ask colleagues and friends; read auto reviews and consumer reports.

Where possible, narrow down your list to a few BMW models and years that fit your criteria. Before signing the documents, you need to be sure what you are getting yourself into.

Pick through the records

One of the most reliable ways of inspecting a used BMW is reading through its history record. This will help you get potential problems out of the way: heavy abuse, outstanding liens, rolled back odometers. You can also rule out cars that have been involved in serious accidents.

As a rule, never test drive the car till you have had a look at its history. Sure, checking out the BMW’s records is not an infallible guarantee that the vehicle is in mint condition. However, spending a few pounds for history report is worth when you are paying top dollar for the BMW.

Seek a second opinion

This may sound like a no brainer, but it’s worth emphasizing. Do not buy the used BMW just because you’ve been told it is in perfect condition. There is no doubt that the opinion of the specialists over at Big Motoring World Snodland is invaluable.

Even so, you want to check the car out yourself or take a trusted mechanic with you when buying a used BMW. The mechanic can help you to inspect the tires, the odometer, the hood and the interiors. They will certainly assist you in making an educated buying decision. Only sign the papers after the vehicle has passed the inspection.

Pay heed to the paperwork

You’ve given the car a comprehensive inspection and it has passed the test. However, it’s not time to sit down and relax yet. Carefully eliminate a future can of worms by carefully examining the paperwork. Ascertain the ownership of the vehicle. Make sure there aren’t any registered liens against the car.

When you buy a used BMW from a dealer, read all the papers. Take a close look at the warranty policy. Even if you are buying a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) BMW, it would be prudent to check the items for which it is approved.

Value vs. price

You will not get the best value for money by buying the cheapest used BMW. You want to get a BMW that is in good shape and reasonably priced. We all want to get a great deal, but do keep in mind that a “cheap BMW in excellent condition” is more myth than fact. Set a limit for what you’re willing to pay then negotiate for a better price.