We pride ourselves on giving you the very latest and best BMW advice and used BMW advice. We have years of experience in helping buyers find the right BMW to suit their needs and their budget. Whether you are looking for the latest BMW saloon or you want a sporty little number, our advice and news pages will give you all the information you need.

We all know and love the BMW brand. Whilst some of us can afford to splash out on the newest models outright, many of us need to seek out the best finance or part exchange offers. If you have always dreamed of owning a BMW we are here to help you achieve that dream and to get the best vehicle for your money no matter what your means.

We’ll tell you how to research your credit information and check your finances so that you don’t overstretch yourself – there is nothing worse than seeing your pride and joy being towed away because you couldn’t afford the payments. By always knowing your debt to income ratio and making a sensible purchasing decision you can rest assured that your vehicle will be paid off and yours in next to no time.

We can also give you BMW advice on leasing and buying. Leasing in the States is big business and is becoming more popular over here. If you love to drive the latest vehicles you’ll love the freedom that leasing gives you when you want to change your car. However you choose to buy your BMW it’s important to not be impulsive. Don’t buy the first BMW you see or take out for a spin. Be smart, know what you want and then find out as much as you can about your chosen model and the dealers offering it before you part with any cash.